Fatima Rahmani

馃嚠馃嚤 Understanding ISRAEL: The Islamic and Hebrew Perspectives
Explore the term Isr膩示墨l, delving into its Arabic and Hebrew origins, its significance in Qur'anic narratives, and cultural impact. Understand the etymology, background, and interpretation of Isr膩示墨l in Islamic theology.
馃専 Mohammed Mossadegh: The Icon of Iranian Nationalism
Dive into the life and legacy of Mohammed Mossadegh, the Iranian prime minister who nationalized the oil industry and catalyzed a series of events that shaped modern Iran.
馃挵 Unveiling Kharaj: Historical Perspectives on Agrarian Taxation
Dive deep into Kharaj, the Islamic tax on agrarian land owned by non-Muslims. Explore its historical roots, significance, and comparisons within the broader scope of Islamic jurisprudence.
馃攳 Understanding AR-RUKNU 示L-YAM膧N莫: The Yam膩n墨 Pillar of the Ka士bah 馃晪
Delve into the historic and spiritual significance of AR-RUKNU 示L-YAM膧N莫 (丕賱乇賰賳 丕賱賷賲丕賳賶鈥), the Yam膩n墨 pillar of the Ka士bah. Learn about its etymology, cultural importance, and the rituals performed by pilgrims.

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