🔍 Understanding Martel, Charles: The Savior of Western Europe
Delve into the life and legacy of Charles Martel, the King of the Franks who played a pivotal role in halting Muslim expansion into Western Europe during the Battle of Tours in 732.
📢 The Call of Islam (COI): South Africa's Voice Against Apartheid
Uncover the history and significance of The Call of Islam (COI), a pivotal Islamic movement advocating against apartheid, and understand its enduring message and role in South African sociopolitical landscape.
🔍 Convention Nationale des Musulmans Français: Integrating Faith and the French Nation 🇫🇷🕌
Explore the role and significance of the Convention Nationale des Musulmans Français, a pivotal organization striving for the integration of Muslims into French society while advocating for educational and religious advancements.
🔮 The Luminary Path of Chiragh Ali: A Pioneer in Islamic Modernism
Delve into the life and influential works of Chiragh Ali, an Indian modernist author known for his contributions to the Aligarh movement, his support for women's education, and his progressive views on Islamic reform.
🚫 Understanding MAITAH: The Prohibition of Carrion in Islam
Explore the decree against maita (Carrion) in Islam, as detailed in the Qur'an, and understand its significance in maintaining purity and ethical consumption. Discover the spiritual, ethical, and societal implications of this prohibition.
⚖️ Understanding Justice (Adl) in Islam: Foundations and Debates
Dive into the concept of justice in Islamic theology and law, exploring theological debates, Quranic terms, and philosophical perspectives on human agency and divine control.
🌟 Understanding al-Masih: The Islamic Perspective on Jesus Christ
Dive into the Islamic view of Jesus Christ (Isa, or al-Masih), exploring the theological significance, cultural context, and the similarities and differences with Christian beliefs.
💫 The Revered ASHAB: Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Discover the revered Ashab, the Companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who played crucial roles in shaping Islamic history and teachings. Delve into their contributions, virtues, and their significance in Islamic traditions.
💰 Delving into Coinage: The Economics of Islam
An exploration of coinage and money in the context of Islamic finance and economics. Understand the principles behind Islamic currency, including the historical significance and modern applications.
📜 The Muḥammadan Creed: Understanding the Kalimah
Explore the Muḥammadan Creed, or Kalimatu ʾsh-shahādah, its significance as a fundamental pillar in Islam, and its varying forms across different prophetic traditions.
🛡️ Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights: Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Advocate
Explore the first independent human rights organization in Saudi Arabia: The Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights (CDLR). Understand its mission, historical background, and impact on Saudi policy and global human rights.

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