Social Justice

📢 The Call of Islam (COI): South Africa's Voice Against Apartheid
Uncover the history and significance of The Call of Islam (COI), a pivotal Islamic movement advocating against apartheid, and understand its enduring message and role in South African sociopolitical landscape.
📜 Understanding MUDABBAR (مدبر‎): The Consequence of a Promise
Explore the concept of Mudabbar, a unique practice in Islamic slave emancipation where a slave is promised freedom upon the master's death. Delve into its etymology, cultural significance, and impact on Islamic society.
🔓 Embracing IʿTĀQ: The Islamic Concept of Manumission 🌟
Delve into the profound concept of IʿTĀQ (اعتاق‎), the Islamic practice of manumission or setting slaves free. Understand its significance in Islamic law, its historical context, and cultural variations.
🛤️ Understanding the Concept of Fugitives in Islam: Ābiq & Muhājir
Dive into the multi-faceted concept of fugitives in Islam, where both slaves and religious refugees play significant roles. Learn about the cultural and spiritual implications of being a fugitive, with in-depth explorations of ābiq and muhājir.
✊ Understanding MUʿTAQ (معتق‎): An Emancipated Slave in Islamic Contexts
Explore the concept of Muʿtaq in Islamic history and theology. Understand the legal, social, and theological implications of manumission in Islam, and compare it to other historical practices of emancipation.
🍼 Understanding Laqīt̤: The Islamic Perspective on Foundlings
Explore the concept of Laqīt̤ in Islam, referring to foundlings. Learn about its social, moral, and legal implications, including the duty of care and religious considerations. Compare with child welfare approaches in other cultures.
🏠 Understanding Refugees: The Compassionate Welcome in Islamic Tradition
Learn about the concept of refugees in Islam and how it has historically been shaped by faith and compassion. From the Hijrah to the various refugee crises throughout centuries, explore how the Muslim world has responded.
💰 Understanding Taxation in Islam: Zakah, Jizyah, and Kharaj Demystified
Dive into the complex yet spiritually significant layering of Islamic taxation. Explore zakah, jizyah, and kharaj and their roles in religious, social, and economic fabrics of Muslim societies.
🔓 Understanding MUʿTIQ (معتق‎): The Role of the Emancipating Master in Islam
Dive into the concept of 'Muʿtiq' (معتق‎) in Islam, referring to a master who emancipates a slave. Learn about its etymology, cultural significance, and its place within Islamic teachings.

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