Interfaith Dialogue

🌊 MAʿMŪDĪYAH (معمودية‎): The Concept of Christian Baptism in Islamic Commentary
Dive deep into the term Ma'mūdīyah (معمودية‎), as referenced by Islamic commentator al-Baiẓāwī in relation to Christian baptism. Uncover its meaning, cultural significance, and theological context within both Islamic and Christian traditions.
🌟 Bahai Faith: An Exploration of Progressive Revelation
Delve into the diverse and inclusive teachings of the Bahai Faith, understood as a belief in progressive revelation founded by Baha Allah. Unpack its principles of oneness, equality, and universal education, and reflect on its position within and outside the Muslim world.
📜 Delving into Peter the Venerable: Interfaith Pioneer
Explore the legacy of Peter the Venerable, the Abbot of Cluny, who initiated efforts for deeper Christian understanding of Islam. Learn about his commissioning of Robert of Ketton to translate the Quran into Latin and his contributions to interfaith dialogue.
📜 Understanding YAHŪD (يهود‎): The Islamic Perspective on Jews
Dive into the concept of Yahūd (يهود‎) as illustrated in Islamic texts. Explore its meaning, historical uses, and the nuanced relationship between Islamic and Jewish traditions.
🍽 Eating with Jews or Christians: An Islamic Perspective 🕌
Examine the Islamic perspective on eating with Jews and Christians, exploring the historical, theological, and cultural considerations that shape this practice.
🏫 BAITU ʾL-MIDRĀS (بيت المدراس‎): Exploring the House of Instruction
Delve into the historical and cultural significance of BAITU ʾL-MIDRĀS (بيت المدراس‎), the Jewish House of Instruction in Islamic tradition, and understand its role in interfaith scholarship.
🏛️ Decoding KALĪSAH: Tracing the Islamic Reference to Places of Worship
Delve into the historic and etymological significance of Kalīsa, a term used in Islamic law for Christian and Jewish houses of worship. Understand its roots and implications in Islamic and interfaith contexts.
🕌 Prophet Ibrahim: A Testament of Prophethood and Faith
Discover Ibrahim (Abraham), an exalted prophet shared by three monotheistic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Understand his role, significance, and the enduring legacy he imparts in various cultural contexts.
🤲 Introduction to NAṢĀRĀ (نصارى‎): The Quranic Term for Christians
Delve into the term NAṢĀRĀ (نصارى‎) used in the Qurʾān to refer to Christians, its etymological roots, historical context, and cultural significance within Islamic civilization.

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