Layla Hassan

✨ WOMEN (نساء): The Role and Evolution of Women in Islamic Contexts 🕌
Discover the status and evolution of women in Islamic culture from pre-Islamic times to contemporary society, tracing the impacts of Qurʾānic teachings and the words of Prophet Muhammad.
🖋️ Discovering MAKTUB: 🌠 The Decree of Destiny in Islam
Dive into the profound Islamic concept of Maktub, often interpreted as fate or destiny established by divine decree. Explore its scriptural roots and cultural significance through historical facts and inspiring teachings.
🧼 Understanding TAT̤HĪR (تطهير‎): The Islamic Concept of Purification
Dive deep into the Islamic notion of TAT̤HĪR (تطهير‎), exploring its significance in religious practices for cleansing the ceremonially unclean. Uncover the various methods and cultural contexts across the Muslim world.
⚖️ Mazalim Courts: The Guardians of Justice in Islamic Governance
Dive into the historical and socio-cultural significance of Mazalim Courts, also known as dar al-mazalim, tribunals where the public could appeal against corruption, injustice, and failure in governance directly to the ruler or his deputies.
🌿 Understanding BAK͟HŪR: The Role of Incense in Islamic Traditions
Delve into the multifaceted role of Bak͟hūr, or incense, in Islamic culture and theology. Discover its traditional uses, including its applications in Daʿwah and as offerings at the shrines of Muslim saints.
🔍 Understanding BANISHMENT (تغريب): The Islamic Perspective on Exile and Punishment
Explore the concept of Banishment (تغريب‎) in Islamic law, examining its application, significance, and variations across different schools of thought within Islamic jurisprudence.
🔍 Understanding MAFQŪD (مفقود‎): Islamic Legal Term for Missing Persons
Explore Mafqūd (مفقود‎), an Islamic legal term referring to a person who is missing and presumed lost. Understand its significance, implications in Islamic jurisprudence, cultural perceptions, and related Qur'ānic concepts.
🗻 Prophet Shuʿaib (Jethro): A Bridge Between Faiths
Explore the life and teachings of Prophet Shuʿaib (known as Jethro in the Christian and Jewish traditions), his significance in Islamic tradition, and his role as a spiritual bridge between various Abrahamic faiths.
🧞‍♂️ The World of Jinn: Mystical Beings in Islamic Culture
Dive deep into the Islamic cosmology surrounding Jinn (جن), exploring their origins, cultural significance, and various forms from miscellaneous folklore to religious texts such as the Qur'an.

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