Social Studies

💔 Exploring Divorce in Islam: Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
Dive into the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) on the complex subject of divorce. Understanding these rules within Islamic jurisprudence sheds light on their cultural, social, and moral implications.
🛡️ Qabilah Unveiled: Exploring the Tribal Tapestry of The Islamic Society
Delve into the concept of 'Qabilah' or tribe, fundamental to social organization from premodern times to contemporary settings. Learn about its historical significance, cultural nuances, and its place in Islamic teachings.
💑 Exploring Polygamy in Islam: Tradition, Text, and Modern Views
This article delves deeply into the concept of polygamy in Islam, discussing its Qur'anic sanctions, historical practices, and contemporary perspectives, offering comprehensive insight into this often-misunderstood aspect of Islamic law and society.
🔗 Understanding WĀSIT̤AH (واسطة‎): Exploring the Role of Mediation in Islam
Delve into the significance of WĀSIT̤AH (واسطة‎) in Islamic teachings, its etymology, cultural contexts, and its implications as a facilitator among various social and spiritual dimensions.
📚 Exploring 'Mendaki': The Role of Singapore's Council for the Education of Muslim Children
Delve into the significance of Mendaki, an organization striving to enhance the educational opportunities and socioeconomic status of Malay Muslims in Singapore. Discover its historical context, controversies, and impact.
🤝 International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations: Empowering Global Muslim Youths
Discover the influence and initiatives of the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO), a dynamic platform for Muslim student movements globally. Understand its multifaceted roles in education, women's empowerment, business development, humanitarian aid, and human rights advocacy.
🇬🇧 Islam in Great Britain: History, Growth, and Modern Issues
Unearth the fascinating journey of Islam in Great Britain, from the arrival of early migrants to the thriving Muslim communities of today. Examine the historical, cultural, and social dynamics that shape Muslim life in Britain.
🌟 SHAIKH: Unveiling the Wisdom and Authority in Islam
Discover the multifaceted role of Shaikh (شيخ‎), a term signifying honor, wisdom, and leadership in Islam. Trace its origins, cultural variations, and prominent figures who embody the ideals of a Shaikh.
🌱 Understanding YATĪM: The Heartfelt Concept of Orphanhood in Islam
Dive into the significance of 'Yatīm' (يتيم‎), the Islamic concept of orphanhood. Learn about cultural implications, religious obligations, and parallels in different traditions.
🎉 SHĀDI (شادى‎): The Beauty of Wedding Festivities 💍
Explore SHĀDI, the vibrant and culturally rich term used for weddings among Persian and Urdu-speaking peoples, honoring the joyous celebrations that mark the union of love.
🔍 Unveiling the Conseil National des Français Musulmans: Advocate for Muslim Rights in France 🇫🇷
Explore the Conseil National des Français Musulmans (CNFM), its history, objectives, and impact on social and economic integration of Muslims in France. Learn about its fight against discrimination and for equality among religious institutions in the country.
🎁 Unveiling HADĪYAH: The Art of Islamic Gifting
Discover the in-depth essence of HADĪYAH (هدية), a traditional and revered practice of presenting gifts in Islamic culture. Understand its cultural and social significance across different societies.

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