Family Law

💔 Exploring Divorce in Islam: Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
Dive into the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) on the complex subject of divorce. Understanding these rules within Islamic jurisprudence sheds light on their cultural, social, and moral implications.
💍 Understanding NIKĀḤ: The Islamic Marriage Contract
Delve into Nikāḥ, the sacred Islamic marital contract, its comprehensive legal and cultural implications, and its significance within societal frameworks. Explore differences and similarities across various traditions.
👪 Understanding Asaba: The Intricacies of Islamic Inheritance
Explore the concept of Asaba in Islamic inheritance law, delving into its definition, etymology, historical context, cultural variations, and more.
👨‍👩‍👦 Exploring KINDRED: Inheritance and Marriage in Islam 💍
Dive deep into the concept of kinship (Kindred) in Islamic law, focusing on its importance in matters of inheritance and marriage. Understand how Islamic traditions regulate familial bonds in society.
🛠️ Maintenance in Islam: Exploring Nafaqah (نفقة‎)
A comprehensive examination of Nafaqah (نفقة‎) in Islamic law, focusing on its meanings and applications in various relationships such as marriage, parent-child, and general kinship.
👩‍👧‍👦 Understanding ḤIẒĀNAH: The 🕌 Islamic Concept of Child Custody
Explore the Islamic concept of ḥiẓānah, the custody rights of a mother over her children, as a critical element in Islamic family law. Understand its application among different Islamic schools of thought and its cultural significance.
👶 Fosterage (Raẓāʿah) in Islam: Nurturing Bonds Beyond Blood
Delve into the Islamic concept of raẓāʿah or fosterage, which imparts legal and social boundaries through nursing. Understand its roots, implications, and the diversity in scholarly opinions.
🔍 Understanding MAHRAM: The 🕌 Islamic Concept of Forbidden Kinship
Explore Mahram, an Islamic term denoting the forbidden kinship relationships within which marriage is prohibited. Understand its significance, cultural nuances, and comparisons with other religious traditions.
👩‍🦳 Understanding MUʿTADDAH (معتدة‎): The Islamic Concept of ʿIddah
Delve into the Islamic concept of Muʿtaddah, focusing on the period of ʿiddah. Understand its origins, significance, and the cultural differences associated with this important period in a woman's life.
👵 The Essential Role of the Grandmother (Jaddah) in Islam
Understanding the role and significance of the grandmother (Jaddah) in Islamic culture, legal rights, and societal impact, based on principles from Islamic jurisprudence.
🔄 Re-marriage in Islam: Navigating the Dynamics of Divorces and Widows
Dive into the intricate guidelines surrounding re-marriage in Islam, exploring the provisions for re-marrying a former spouse and the rules involving widows. Comprehend the theological and social dimensions of these regulations.
👩‍🍼 Hadana: The Custodial Care Concept in Islam
Delve into 'Hadana', the Islamic notion of custodial care by the mother or female relatives. Explore its variations across different schools of law, its significance, and the gender-specific details governing child custody and care in Muslim societies.
👩‍👧‍👦 Understanding Surrogate Motherhood in Islam: Ethics and Perspectives
Explore surrogate motherhood within Islamic jurisprudence, examining its ethical implications, cultural contexts, and legal standings. Delve into contemporary debates and comparing perspectives across the Muslim world.
🚫 Understanding the Prohibited Degrees of Marriage in Islam
A comprehensive study of the prohibited degrees of marriage according to the Qurʾān, understanding the cultural context and underlying theology.
👶 Unveiling Waladu 'Z-Zināʾ: Attitudes Towards Illegitimate Children in Islam
Explore the concept of Waladu 'Z-Zināʾ (ولد الزناء‎), referring to children born out of wedlock in Islamic law. Understand the legal, social, and theological aspects and how this concept intersects with cultural practices across the Muslim world.
💰 Understanding Nafaqah: Financial Responsibilities in Islam
Explore Nafaqah, the Islamic term denoting the husband's financial obligations towards his wife and family during marriage and after divorce. Understand its significance, cultural context, and legal interpretations across different schools of thought.
📜 Understanding Mubaraah: The Divorce of Mutual Release in Islam
Explore the concept of Mubaraah, a form of Muslim divorce where the wife forgoes her financial rights in return for the divorce. Learn its significance, processes, and differences from similar practices like Khul.
🔄 Exploring Tahlil: Understanding the Islamic Concept of Remarriage After Triple Divorce
Delve into the intricacies of Tahlil, an Islamic legal process involving remarriage after a triple divorce, its significance, and the surrounding religious and cultural contexts.
🔄 RAJʿAH: The Islamic Concept of Restitution
Dive deep into RAJʿAH (رجعة‎), the Islamic term for the restitution or reinstatement of marriage after a divorce, and its thematic significance within Islamic law and culture.
🤝 Understanding KHUL: The 🕌 Islamic Divorce Procedure
Explore Khul, the Islamic concept allowing a woman to seek divorce. Understand its meaning, significance, cultural variations, and legal implications within the Islamic context and across different societies.
🧸INFANTS: The Religion of Children in Islamic Law
Discover the Islamic principles regarding the religion of infants, particularly in mixed-faith marriages. Learn about the legal guidelines that determine an infant's religion, the significance of parental influence, and how Islamic jurisprudence addresses these issues.

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