Religious Studies

📢 The Call of Islam (COI): South Africa's Voice Against Apartheid
Uncover the history and significance of The Call of Islam (COI), a pivotal Islamic movement advocating against apartheid, and understand its enduring message and role in South African sociopolitical landscape.
📚 Abu Hanifah: The Pioneer of the Hanafi School of Islamic Law
Discover the life, contributions, and legacy of Abu Hanifah, al-Numan ibn Thabit ibn Zuta, the founder of the Hanafi School of Islamic jurisprudence. Explore his unique use of reason and personal judgment in legal interpretation.
📜 Delving into the History of NĪNAWĀ (نينوى‎): The 🌍 Ancient Metropolis
Discover the rich history and significance of NĪNAWĀ (Nineveh), from its origins in ancient Mesopotamia to its mention in Islamic tradition. Unearth cultural aspects and its role in various religious narratives.
📜 Delving into Peter the Venerable: Interfaith Pioneer
Explore the legacy of Peter the Venerable, the Abbot of Cluny, who initiated efforts for deeper Christian understanding of Islam. Learn about his commissioning of Robert of Ketton to translate the Quran into Latin and his contributions to interfaith dialogue.
🌟 Exploring PAS: The Partai Islam Se-Malaysia's Journey
Dive deep into the history, transformations, and significance of Partai Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), a major political entity in Malaysia advocating for Islamic states and reformist Islamic goals.
👤 Mirghani Ali: A Pioneering Influence in Sudanese Religion and Politics
Delve into the life and legacy of Mirghani Ali, a pivotal figure in Sudanese history. Explore his contributions to religion and politics, his leadership in the Khatmi tariqah, and his role in Sudanese nationalist movements.
📜️ Ṣūfī Poetry: The Soul's Odyssey Through Divine Love 🕌🌀
Discover the spiritual depths of Ṣūfī poetry, an art form that reveals the mystical love for God (ʿIshq) as the essence of Ṣūfīism. Through the works of Rūmī, Jāmī, Saʿdī, and Ḥāfiz̤, explore how poets interpret the journey of the soul through divine love and metaphysical exploration.
📜 The Gospel of Barnabas: Historical Insights and Controversies
Explore the Gospel of Barnabas, an apocryphal text with intriguing claims about Jesus and prophetic foresight supposedly favorable to Islam. Unveil its historical, theological, and cultural significance.
⚔️ Discovering the Mujahidin-i Khalq: Iran’s Revolutionary Opposition
Explore the complex history and ideology of Mujahidin-i Khalq, a unique resistance movement against the Islamic Republic of Iran that blends Shiism with Marxism. Understand its aims, challenges, and impact on Iranian history.
🇩🇿 Algeria: The Role of Islam in its Socio-Political Landscape
Discover the intricate history, cultural impact, and socio-political dynamics of Islam in Algeria, from the Ottoman era to contemporary times. Understand Algeria’s rich religious heritage and how Islam has shaped its national identity.
🌟 The Sacred Word of God: A Journey Through Divine Revelations
Dive into the divinely inspired texts of human history, encompassing the Old and New Testaments, the role of prophets, and the Qurʾan. Understand how the Word of God has shaped religious thought across millennia.
🌹 Francis of Assisi: Saintly 🕊️ Path in Both Christian and Muslim Worlds
Discover the life of Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Franciscan orders, his efforts to reach out to the Muslim world during the Crusades, and his enduring legacy of peace and interfaith dialogue.
📜 Bakkai al-Kunti, Ahmad al-: A 19th Century West African Leader's Legacy
Delve into the life and legacy of Ahmad al-Bakkai al-Kunti, a prominent 19th-century West African religious and political leader, who played a crucial role in shaping the socio-political and religious landscape of precolonial Western Sudan.
📜 Exploring BENJAMIN: The Youth of the Tribes of Jacob
Dive deep into the story of Benjamin, the youngest son of Jacob, as mentioned in the Bible and the Qur'an. Discover the significance of his role and references in religious texts.
🔍 Communism and Islam: Intersection and Dichotomy in Modern History 🌍
Delve into the complex dynamics between Communism and Islam, examining historical interactions, oppositions, and collaborations, particularly in the context of colonialism, national independence, and post-Soviet-era transformations.
🔍 Exploring Ibn Idris Ahmad: The Maverick Sufi Mystic of the 19th Century
Delve into the life and teachings of Ibn Idris Ahmad, a Moroccan Sufi teacher whose antiauthoritarian philosophies revolutionized Islamic thought. Discover the influence of Ibn al-Arabi on his work and understand the spread of the Idrisi tradition.
🕊️ The Life and Legacy of Abol-Qasem Khoi: A Prominent Shii Mujtahid
Discover the contributions and ideologies of Abol-Qasem Khoi, a renowned Iraqi Shii mujtahid, in the fields of jurisprudence, theology, and education. Unravel his opposition to political activism within religious leadership and his dedication to scholarly pursuits.

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