Medieval Studies

馃攳 Understanding Martel, Charles: The Savior of Western Europe
Delve into the life and legacy of Charles Martel, the King of the Franks who played a pivotal role in halting Muslim expansion into Western Europe during the Battle of Tours in 732.
馃摐 Delving into Peter the Venerable: Interfaith Pioneer
Explore the legacy of Peter the Venerable, the Abbot of Cluny, who initiated efforts for deeper Christian understanding of Islam. Learn about his commissioning of Robert of Ketton to translate the Quran into Latin and his contributions to interfaith dialogue.
馃彴 The Golden Era of C贸rdoba: Legacy of the Caliphate
Delve into the history of the Caliphate of C贸rdoba, established by Abd al-Rahman ibn Muawiyah, its cultural and scientific heights under Abd al-Rahman III, and its eventual disintegration in the eleventh century.
馃徍 Byzantine Empire - Definition and Meaning
Explore the Byzantine Empire, the continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire, its cultural and historical significance, and its lasting legacy from 330 C.E. to 1453 C.E.
鈿旓笍 The Battle of Manzikert: Turning Tables in 1071
Discover the pivotal Battle of Manzikert that occurred in 1071, a clash between the Seljuk Turks and the Byzantine Empire. Understand its profound impact on medieval geopolitics and the course of Islamic and Byzantine history.
馃實 Roger II of Sicily: A Bridge to Knowledge 馃徍
An in-depth exploration of Roger II of Sicily鈥檚 contributions to the preservation and proliferation of classical knowledge, emphasizing his sponsorship of multicultural scholarship and the translation of scientific and philosophical works.
馃摎 The Wisdom of Maimonides: Ben Maimon, Moshe aka RaMBaM
Discover the diverse contributions of Maimonides (Ben Maimon, Moshe) in medieval Jewish law, philosophy, and medicine. Learn about his influential works and their impact on Jewish and Islamic thought.
馃摐 The Ayyubids: Enigmatic Dynasties of Medieval Islamic History
Dive into the awe-inspiring history of the Ayyubid dynasty, founded by the legendary Salah al-Din. Explore their rise to power, significant achievements, and their ultimate decline. Understand their role in the promotion of Sunnism and the shaping of the medieval Near East.

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