Social Justice

🕌 Humanism and Islam: Navigating Values and Philosophies 🌍
Explore how Humanism and Islam interrelate, delve into philosophical discourses, and see how modern scholars find harmony between core humanistic values and Islamic teachings.
📜 Understanding MUDABBAR (مدبر‎): The Consequence of a Promise
Explore the concept of Mudabbar, a unique practice in Islamic slave emancipation where a slave is promised freedom upon the master's death. Delve into its etymology, cultural significance, and impact on Islamic society.
🌟 Bahai Faith: An Exploration of Progressive Revelation
Delve into the diverse and inclusive teachings of the Bahai Faith, understood as a belief in progressive revelation founded by Baha Allah. Unpack its principles of oneness, equality, and universal education, and reflect on its position within and outside the Muslim world.
🤲 Unveiling MISKĪN (مسكين‎): The Islamic Perspective on Poverty
Dive deep into the concept of MISKĪN (مسكين‎) in Islamic teachings, exploring its definitions, significance, and its distinction from related terms such as faqīr (فقير‎).
🌟 Modernization and Development: The Islamic Perspective
Explore the Islamic viewpoint on modernization and development, contrasting it with Western approaches. Delve into how Islamic principles offer an integrated approach that ensures both spiritual and material growth.
🌿 Understanding ḤAMĀLAH (حمالة‎): The Concept of Compensation in Islamic Law
Delve into the Islamic legal concept of ḤAMĀLAH, its etymology, cultural significance, and how it is applied as a form of compensation for manslaughter or murder, often referred to as diyah.
💖 Understanding Almsgiving (Ṣadaqah): The Heartbeat of Islam
Discover Ṣadaqah, the Islamic principle of voluntary almsgiving, as an act of righteousness and compassion. Explore its place in Islamic teachings, cultural variations, and its profound influence on societal harmony.
🔍 Marxism and Islam: Bridging Ideologies for Social Justice
Explore the intersection of Marxism and Islam, their shared ideals of social justice, and the historical context behind their alliance. Delve into the cultural nuances and ideological syntheses that emerged, as well as the challenges and contributions of this amalgamation.
🔓 Embracing IʿTĀQ: The Islamic Concept of Manumission 🌟
Delve into the profound concept of IʿTĀQ (اعتاق‎), the Islamic practice of manumission or setting slaves free. Understand its significance in Islamic law, its historical context, and cultural variations.
⚖️ Unveiling Social Justice in Islam: A Legacy of Equality and Mutual Responsibility
Explore the deep roots and evolving implications of social justice within Islamic thought. From the struggles under colonialism to modern interpretations, delve into the principles that continue to shape and inspire efforts toward equality.
💰 Understanding Zakāt: The Pillar of Islamic Charity
Delve into the concept of Zakāt, the compulsory form of charity in Islam, part of the Five Pillars. Appreciate its religious significance, cultural diversity, and its impact on social justice.
⭐ Abu Dharr al-Ghifari: The Ascetic Companion of the Prophet 🕌
Explore the life and legacy of Abu Dharr al-Ghifari, a revered companion of Prophet Muhammad known for his asceticism, piety, and advocacy for social justice. Delve into the historical and ideological debates surrounding his life and teachings.
🌍 Mustadafun: The Voice of the Downtrodden in Islamic Jurisprudence
Delve into the term 'Mustadafun', elucidating its definition, historical relevance, cultural significance, and its profound association with Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution of 1979.
🌍 Socialism and Islam: Harmonizing Justice and Human Progress
Explore the confluence between socialism and Islam, tracing its origins and impact through Arabic traditions and Islamic principles of social justice. Discover its historical flourishing in the Middle East and the ideological groundwork laid by notable Islamic reformists.
🌟 Hasan al-Banna: Visionary Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood
Delve into the life and legacy of Hasan al-Banna, the influential Egyptian founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, exploring his ideologies, contributions to Islamic social justice, and his transformative vision for society.
🌟 Ibrahim, Anwar: A Key Figure in Malaysian Political and Religious Activism
Dive into the life and contributions of Anwar Ibrahim, a pivotal figure in Malaysian politics and Islamization. Discover his journey from a young activist to major political roles and beyond.
🌱 Understanding YATĪM: The Heartfelt Concept of Orphanhood in Islam
Dive into the significance of 'Yatīm' (يتيم‎), the Islamic concept of orphanhood. Learn about cultural implications, religious obligations, and parallels in different traditions.
💰 Understanding Taxation in Islam: Zakah, Jizyah, and Kharaj Demystified
Dive into the complex yet spiritually significant layering of Islamic taxation. Explore zakah, jizyah, and kharaj and their roles in religious, social, and economic fabrics of Muslim societies.
📚 Insight into Khalid Muhammad Khalid: An 🌟 Egyptian Islamic Thinker
Dive into the life and ideological evolution of Khalid Muhammad Khalid, an Egyptian writer who championed both secular and Islamic social justice, emphasizing the role of an Islamic state and the concept of shura.
📜 Understanding Pancasila: The Ideological Foundation of Indonesia 🇮🇩
Discover Pancasila, the fundamental ideology of Indonesia that embraces belief in God, nationalism, humanitarianism, democracy, and social justice. Understand its historical context, significance, and cultural impact across the Indonesian archipelago.
🕌 Understanding WAQF: The Concept of Benefice in Islam
Delve into the waqf system, a cornerstone of Islamic philanthropy and economic welfare, and explore its meaning, significance in Islamic societies, and its parallels to endowments in other cultures.
🖋️ Embracing Transformation: An Insight into Ali Shariati's Radical Religious Thought
Discover the life and revolutionary ideologies of Ali Shariati, an Iranian Shii thinker who intertwined Islamic thought with Marxian influences to advocate for social justice, empowerment, and liberation of the oppressed.
🤝 Understanding ḤILFU ʾL-FUẒŪL (حلف الفضول‎): The Ethical Pact of Justice
Explore ḤILFU ʾL-FUẒŪL, an early ethical alliance formed to promote justice and suppress oppression in the community of Makkah. Discover its significance in Islamic history and the youthful influence on Prophet Muḥammad.
🧒 Embracing Orphans 🤲: Compassion and Care in Islam
Dive deep into the significance of orphans in Islam, the Quranic directives on their treatment, and the broader societal responsibilities towards them. Explore the historical contexts and cultural variations within the Muslim world.

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