📖 Discovering YŪḤANNĀ (يوحنا‎): The Interfaith Name of John
Dive into the name YŪḤANNĀ (يوحنا‎) with rich interfaith significance. Understand its applications in both Christianity and Islam and explore its cultural and theological dimensions.
🗓️ YAUMU ʾL-ḤARĀʾ: A Dark Chapter in Islamic History
Dive into the significant yet sorrowful event of Yaumu ʾL-Ḥarāʾ, the day an army was sent to al-Madīnah, desecrating the sacred city. Learn about its impact on Islamic history and tradition.
📜 YŪNUS (يونس‎): Prophet Jonah in Islamic Tradition
Explore the profound story of Prophet Yūnus (يونس‎) in Islamic tradition, a tale of repentance, mercy, and the omnipresence of God. Compare it with the Biblical narrative of Jonah and examine its cultural significance.
🌌 Unveiling YAUMU ʾL-JAMʿ: The 🕌 Day of Gathering in Islam
Dive deep into the Islamic concept of Yaumu ʾl-Jamʿ, known as the Day of Gathering, when all beings will be assembled for the Day of Judgment. Explore its theological significance and differences and similarities with other religious end-time beliefs.
⏳ The Day of Severing (YAUMU ʾL-FAṢL): An Insight into the Islamic Day of Judgment
Dive deep into Yaumu ʾl-Faṣl, the Islamic concept of the Day of Judgment. Understand its significance in Islamic eschatology and explore its teachings, traditions, and cultural perspectives.
✋ YAMĪN يمين‎: The Essence of Islamic Oaths
Dive into the significance, cultural nuances, and theological foundations of Yamīn (يمين‎) in Islam, a deeply rooted practice of taking oaths.
📜 YŪSUF (يوسف‎): The Exemplary Story of Joseph in Islam
Dive into the rich story of Yū‌suf, known as Joseph in Biblical texts. Understand its significance in the Quran, its moral lessons, and compare with other religious traditions. Discover cultural insights and engage in thoughtful reflections.
🐝 YAʿSŪB (يعسوب‎): The Prince of Bees and Islamic Reverence
Delve into the term YAʿSŪB (يعسوب‎), which signifies a prince or chief, and explore its multifaceted significance in Islamic culture, symbolically represented as the King of the Bees and a title given to ʿAlī.
📜 ĀYĀTU ʾL-ḤIFZ̤: Verses of Protection in Islam 🛡️
Delve into the significance and details of ĀYĀTU ʾL-ḤIFZ̤, the Qur'anic verses of protection, often inscribed on amulets for spiritual safeguarding. Understand their etymology, cultural contexts, and the theological basis within Islamic tradition.
🗻 The Legacy of YŪSHAʿ (يوشع‎): A Prophet's Journey in Islam
Delve into the life and contributions of Yūshaʿ ibn Nūn (Joshua), a revered prophet in Islamic tradition. Discover his journey, significance, and how his story intertwines with those in other religious traditions.
🌅 YAUMU ʾL-K͟HURŪJ: The Day of Exodus in Islamic Eschatology
Uncover the profound meaning of Yaumu ʾl-K͟hurūj, known as the Day of Exodus or Coming Forth, in Islamic eschatology. Understand its significance in the context of the Day of Judgment.
🔍 Understanding YAUMU ʾT-TALĀQ (يوم التلاق‎): The 🕌 Day of Judgment in Islam
Dive into the profound concept of YAUMU ʾT-TALĀQ (يوم التلاق‎), the Day of Judgment in Islam. Understand its importance in Islamic theology and its place within the broader religious landscape.

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