🔍 Understanding ISQĀT̤ (اسقاط‎): The 🕌 Islamic Perspectives on Abortion
Dive into the complex issue of Isqāṭ̤ (اسقاط‎), the Islamic term for abortion. Examine the theological, ethical, and cultural dimensions surrounding this topic within the framework of Islamic law and society.
🕌 Understanding TAQWA: The Heart of Islamic Piety
Delve into the profound meaning of Taqwa in Islamic tradition—understand its origins, significance, and how it's embodied in daily life. Compare Taqwa with concepts in other religious traditions and see its impact on personal and communal levels.
📿 Understanding Polytheism in Islam: Mushrikun 🕌
Explore the concept of polytheism (mushrikun) in Islam, its etymology, historical background, cultural differences, related terms, and significance. Insightful for understanding Islamic theology and its confrontations with polytheism.
💀 Unveiling Mitraqah (مطرقة‎): The Hammer of The Grave
Explore the concept of Mitraqah (مطرقة‎), an iron hammer used for divine retribution in Islamic eschatology. Understand its theological significance and cultural bearings in Islamic tradition.
🌟 Understanding AR-RĀFIʿ (الرافع‎): One of the 99 Names of Allah
Discover the significance of AR-RĀFIʿ (الرافع‎), one of the ninety-nine names of Allah, symbolizing 'The Exalter.' Explore its etymology, background, and how it's referenced in the Qurʾān.
🌟 The Ascent of the Soul in Islam: The Spiritual Journey of Man
Explore the stages of spiritual development in Islam, from belief to divine perfection. Understand how Islamic metaphysics, theology, and mysticism outline the upward progress of the soul and its ultimate return to the Divine.
📖 Understanding the Divisions of the Qurʾān: A Comprehensive Guide
Explore the various divisions of the Qurʾān including Ḥarf, Kalimah, Āyah, Sūrah, Rukūʾ, Rubʿ, Niṣf, S̤uls̤, Juzʾ and Manzil, along with their historical and cultural significance in the Islamic world.
🕌 Unearthing Jihad: Striving in the Path of Faith
Delve into the true meaning and context of Jihad, exploring its dimensions from spiritual struggle to legal warfare. Understand its significance in Islamic law and contemporary debates surrounding its interpretation.
🌟 The Essence of TAQWĀ (تقوى‎): Shielding the Soul in Islam
Dive deep into the Islamic concept of Taqwā, often translated as ‘piety’ or ‘God-consciousness’. Explore its etymology, cultural implications, and significance in daily Muslim life, offering a rich perspective on abstinence as a form of spiritual shield.
✨ Understanding AL-BADĪʿ (البديع‎): The Originator and Creator in Islam
Dive deep into the meaning, significance, and cultural nuances of AL-BADĪʿ (البديع‎), one of the ninety-nine names of Allah, accentuating His role as the Wonderful Originator.
📖 Understanding AL-KITĀB (الكتاب‎): The Divine Book
Discover the significance of AL-KITĀB (الكتاب‎), often referring to the Qurʾān and extended to all holy books in Islam, including those of Jews and Christians. Explore its deeply rooted importance in Islamic theology and its cultural impact.
🔅 ASH-SHAMS (الشمس‎): Illuminating the Light of Islam
Explore Ash-Shams (الشمس‎), the 91st chapter of the Quran. Understand its meaning, significance, and essence in Islamic teachings by analyzing its etymology, background, and cultural relevance.
🕌 Understanding OCCASIONALISM: The Divine Causality Doctrine in Islamic Theology
Dive into Occasionalism, a fascinating theory within Ashari theology. Explore how it conceives God as the sole cause of all events, denying any direct causation between worldly occurrences.
🍏 Understanding The Forbidden Fruit: A Qurʾānic Perspective
Dive into the concept of the Forbidden Fruit mentioned in the Qurʾān and explore its significance, interpretations, and symbolic meanings across different cultures and traditions.
🤲 AR-RAʾUF (الروف‎): The Kindness of the Divine
Dive into the Islamic understanding of AR-RAʾUF (الروف‎), one of the ninety-nine beautiful names of Allah, which signifies His supreme kindness and compassion toward mankind.
✨ AL-QUDDŪS (القدوس‎): Understanding The Holy in Islam
Delve into the significance of Al-Quddūs (القدوس), one of the ninety-nine names of God in Islam, symbolizing divine purity and sanctity. Explore its etymology, context in the Qur'an, cultural interpretations, and associated theological concepts.
📖 Exploring the Qur'anic View of Jesus Christ 🕊️: Sonship, Divinity, and Sinlessness
A comprehensive analysis of the depiction of Jesus Christ in the Qur'an, addressing the concepts of divinity, sonship, and sinlessness. We will explore the relevant verses, interfaith dialogues, and theological perspectives.
🌌 Unveiling YAUMU ʾL-JAMʿ: The 🕌 Day of Gathering in Islam
Dive deep into the Islamic concept of Yaumu ʾl-Jamʿ, known as the Day of Gathering, when all beings will be assembled for the Day of Judgment. Explore its theological significance and differences and similarities with other religious end-time beliefs.
🔍 Understanding AL-FATTĀḤ (الفتاح‎): The Opener
Dive deep into one of the ninety-nine beautiful names of Allah, Al-Fattāḥ, 'The Opener,' which represents divine guidance, wisdom, and the provision of solutions to difficulties. Learn its etymology, theological significance, and cultural context within Islam.
🔍 Understanding MATN: The Core Content of Hadith Reports 📜
Delve into the concept of Matn, the content or text of a hadith report, and explore its significance in Islamic tradition. Understand the key components, historical context, and its role in preserving prophetic traditions.
🔎 Unveiling ẒALĀLAH: The 🕌 Islamic Concept of Error
Explore Ẓalālah (ضلالة‎), the Islamic notion of 'error,' and its profound implications within the Qur’an and Islamic thought. Examine its etymology, cultural nuances, synonyms, antonyms, and its role in guiding ethical and moral behavior in Islam.
💔 Understanding MAMĀT: The Islamic Perspective on Death
Explore Mamāt (ممات), the Islamic term for death, delving into its theological, cultural, and philosophical dimensions. Understand its significance in Islamic thought and practice.
📚 Exploring ʿIlmu ʾl-mant̤iq (علم المنطق): The Science of Logic in Islam
Dive deep into ʿIlmu ʾl-mant̤iq, the Islamic science of logic and rational discourse. Understand its historical significance, key contributors, and its role in the Islamic intellectual tradition.
📚 Juwayni, Abu al-Maali al-: A Luminary of Islamic Theological Thought
Delve into the life and contributions of Juwayni, Abu al-Maali al-, an influential Iranian Ashari theologian and philosopher, who shaped Islamic political theory and played a critical role in jurisprudence.
📜 The Annunciation of the Virgin: Insights from Sūrah Al-Imran and Sūrah Maryam
Explore the profound narrative of The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in the Qur'an, examining verses from Sūrah Al-Imran and Sūrah Maryam. Delve into the theological, historical, and cultural significance of these texts in Islamic tradition.
🔑 SEAL OF PROPHECY: K͟hātimu ʾn-Nubūwah (خاتم النبوة‎)
Delve into the mystical significance of the Seal of Prophecy, K͟hātimu ʾn-Nubūwah, and its role in affirming Muhammad as the 'Seal of the Prophets.' Understand its etymology, traditions, and theological implications.
🔮 Decoding Sihr: Islamic Perspectives on Sorcery (Magic) 🌙
Dive into the mystical and often controversial world of Sihr (sorcery or magic) in Islamic theology. Understand its origins, regulations, cultural imprints, and compare it with perspectives from other religious traditions.
🕰️ IṢRĀR: Persistence in Sin in Islamic Theology
Deep dive into the concept of IṢRĀR (اصرار‎) in Islamic theology—understand its meaning, origin, cultural implications, and how it shapes Muslim ethical norms.
🕸️ Delving into AL-ʿANKABŪT (العنكبوت‎): The Spider in the Qur'an 🕷️
Explore Al-ʿAnkabūt, an intriguing chapter in the Qur'an titled The Spider. Dive into its significance, meaning, and the spiritual lessons it offers through the 40th verse metaphor. Learn how this concept is viewed across cultural and theological contexts.
🔍 Postmodernism and Islam: An In-Depth Exploration 📚
Dive deep into the intersection of Postmodernism and Islam, exploring how postmodern thought interacts with Islamic tradition. Understand the nuances, similarities, and conflicts between these two rich and complex realms.
⏳ The Day of Severing (YAUMU ʾL-FAṢL): An Insight into the Islamic Day of Judgment
Dive deep into Yaumu ʾl-Faṣl, the Islamic concept of the Day of Judgment. Understand its significance in Islamic eschatology and explore its teachings, traditions, and cultural perspectives.
✨ Illuminating the Concept of NUR: Divine Light in Islam
Dive deep into the concept of Nur in Islam, a term denoting divine light and guidance, reflecting on its etymology, philosophical interpretations, and significant mentions in the Quran and Sufi traditions.
🌟 Decoding KINĀYAH: Islamic Metaphorical Language
Delve into the profound concept of Kināyah (كناية‎) in Islamic exegesis. Understand its intricate applications, cultural significance, and its role in Islamic legal contexts.
🎲 Exploring AL-MAISIR (الميسر‎): The Islamic Perspective on Gambling
Dive deep into the concept of Al-Maisir (الميسر‎), the Islamic term for gambling and games of chance, forbidden in the Qurʾān. Understand its etymology, religious context, cultural differences, and its broader implications in contemporary society.
📜 Decoding SIJILL: Ancient Registers and Divine Decrees in Islam 🕌
Unveil the mystique of Sijill, an Islamic term representing registers, court records, and divine decrees. Delve into its various applications, including its presence in the Qurʾān highlighting the celestial records managed by divine entities.
🙏 Understanding TAQARRUB (تقرب‎): Drawing Near to the Divine
Explore Taqarrub, the spiritual striving to draw closer to Allah through devotion and righteous actions in Islamic tradition. Learn about its significance in personal and communal religious practices.
🤲 Discovering MUWAḤḤID: The Essence of Islamic Monotheism
Delve deep into the concept of Muwaḥḥid, a believer in the absolute oneness of God in Islam, and explore its theological significance, cultural implications, and comparisons with other monotheistic traditions.
⚔️ Understanding TANFĪL (تنفيل‎): The Legacy of Spoils in Islamic Tradition
Explore the concept of Tanfīl, or plundering in religious warfare, as commended in the Qurʾān. Understand its historical and theological significance within Islamic teachings and how it compares to similar practices in other religious and cultural contexts.
📜 YŪSUF (يوسف‎): The Exemplary Story of Joseph in Islam
Dive into the rich story of Yū‌suf, known as Joseph in Biblical texts. Understand its significance in the Quran, its moral lessons, and compare with other religious traditions. Discover cultural insights and engage in thoughtful reflections.
⏳ The Last Hour: An Insight into Qiyāmah (Judgment Day) 🌍
Investigate Qiyāmah, the Islamic concept of Judgment Day, when humanity is resurrected for divine judgment. Delve into its doctrinal significance, cultural interpretations, and compare it with similar beliefs in different faith traditions.
⚖️ Distinguishing Truth from Fiction: Understanding BĀT̤IL (باطل‎) ✨
Dive into the concept of BĀT̤IL (باطل‎) in Islamic thought, exploring its definition, historical background, and its role in distinguishing falsehood from truth in doctrine and beliefs.
⚖️ Understanding AL-ʿADL (العدل‎): The Concept of Divine Justice in Islam
Explore the profound concept of Al-ʿAdl (العدل‎), one of the ninety-nine names of God in Islam representing divine justice. Understand its significance in Islamic theology, compare it with similar concepts in other religions, and delve into its cultural impact.
🌀 Delving into ZAIGḤ (زیغ‎): 'Turned Aside'
A comprehensive exploration of the concept ZAIGḤ (زیغ‎) in Islam, examining its occurrence in the Qurʾān, contextual significance, and theological underpinnings. Understand how this term reflects a deviation from the path of Truth and its implications for Islamic belief and practice.
🌌 Delving into WUJŪD: Understanding the Islamic Concept of Existence
Uncover the intricate layers of Wujūd, the Islamic concept of existence which encompasses necessary, possible, and impossible existences. Explore its philosophical importance and implications in Islamic theology.
🌙 ṢALĀTU ʾL-WITR (صلاة الوتر‎): The Emblem of Spiritual Completion
Delve into the Witr prayer, an emblematic Sunnah of Islam performed after the ʿIshāʾ (evening) prayer. Learn about its theological significance, variations in practice across Islamic traditions, and scholarly debates on its obligatory status.
🌟 AR-RAZZĀQ: The Sustainer and Provider
Dive into the depths of Ar-Razzāq. Uncover its meanings, significance, origins, and connections in the Islamic faith and its relevance. Experience its embodiment in daily practice and other religions.
🌟 Understanding ḤAQQU ʾN-NĀS (حق الناس‎): The Rights of Humanity in Islamic Law
Delve into the concept of ḤAQQU ʾN-NĀS (حق الناس‎), or the 'Right of men,' within Islamic law. Explore its significance, origins, and contrasts with Ḥaqqu ʾl-ʿAbd (حق العبد‎), illuminating the importance of human rights principles in Islam.
🌟 Understanding ĪMĀN: The 💖 Essence of Faith in Islam
Delve into Īmān, the Islamic concept of faith (ايمان‎), and explore its declaration, spiritual significance, and how it shapes the everyday life of a Muslim. Understand its different forms, cultural implications, and theological significance.
🌸 The Immaculate Conception in Islamic and Christian Theology
Explore the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in both Islamic and Christian theology. Understand its significance, historical background, cultural differences, and theological implications.
📚 Understanding FAQĪH: The Role of Islamic Jurists
Learn about the FAQĪH (فقيه), an Islamic jurist or theologian responsible for interpreting and applying Sharia law. Discover its origins, significance in Islamic legal tradition, and cultural nuances.
📜 Unveiling ḤADĪS̤: The 📖 Core of Islamic Tradition
Dive into the significance of Ḥadīs̤ (حديث‎) within Islamic faith. Explore its origins, impact, and the distinctions between Ḥadīs̤ and Qurʾān while examining its role in shaping Muslim life and law.
📝 Understanding NAQL: The Concept of Transmission in Islam
Explore Naql, the Islamic concept of faithful transmission of knowledge, within the domains of law, theology, and Islamic scholarship. Delve into the juxtaposition of Naql and Aql (reason), their historical significance, and cultural nuances.
🔍 Delving into AL-BĀT̤IN: The Hidden Essence of the Divine in Islam
Explore the profound concept of al-Bāṭin, one of the ninety-nine names of Allah in Islamic theology. Dive into its meanings, significance, and how it enriches the understanding of the unseen aspects of divinity.
🔍 Understanding BARZAKH: The 🕌 Islamic Concept of Purgatory
Explore Barzakh, the Islamic concept of purgatory, as a state or period between death and the Day of Judgment. Understand its significance in Islamic theology and compare it with other religious traditions.
🔍 Understanding MILLAH: The Foundation of Faith in Islam 🕌
Explore the Islamic concept of Millah, covering its comprehensive meaning, etymology, and the religious contexts it has appeared in within the Qurʾān. Learn about its cultural implications and its significance in Islamic theology.
🔍 Who is HĀMĀN (هـامـان‎) in Islamic Tradition? 🕌
Dive deeply into the Qur’ānic depiction of Hāmān, a key figure associated with Pharaoh. Unearth his role in Islamic eschatology and compare it with various interpretations in other religious texts.
🌩️ AR-RAʿD (الرعد‎): The Divine Sound of Thunder
Dive into the profound significance of AR-RAʿD, the 13th Surah of the Quran, revealing the praise of thunder and its allegorical meaning in Islamic theology.
📿 Understanding IS̤NĀ-ʿASHARĪYAH: The Twelver Shia Sect
Dive into the world of Isnā-ʿAsharīyah, the sect of Shia Islam that acknowledges twelve Imāms. Explore its history, central beliefs, and its cultural impact compared to other Islamic traditions.
🕌 Niyyah: The Heart of Islamic Intentions 🌟
Dive deep into the concept of Niyyah, the Islamic notion of intention, and its crucial role in validating acts of worship and daily activities as seen through Islamic theology.
🕌 Unveiling the Afterlife in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide
Dive deep into the Islamic perspective of the afterlife, the interconnection between human actions and divine judgment, and the eternal consequences as described in the Quran and Hadith.
🖌️ AL-BĀRĪʾ (البارىء‎): The Maker
Uncover the depth of AL-BĀRĪʾ (البارىء‎), one of the ninety-nine names of Allah in Islam, signifying His attribute as 'The Maker'. Delve into its etymology, significance in Islamic theology, and its profound role in believers' spirituality.
🛡️ Understanding Muawwadhatayn: The Powerful Surahs of Refuge in the Qur'an
Delve into Muawwadhatayn, the last two surahs of the Qur'an, known for their protective qualities against evil and misfortune. Explore their historical significance, cultural impact, and theological importance in Islamic tradition.
🍞 The Lord’s Supper: Understanding the Essence of the Eucharist
Dive into the deep and sacred tradition of the Lord's Supper, also known as the Eucharist. Explore its theological significance, historical evolution, and cultural variances across different Christian denominations.
📚 LISĀNU ʾL-ḤAQQ: The Language of Truth🕌
Dive into the concept of Lisānu ʾl-Ḥaqq, metaphorically known as 'the language of truth,' highlighting the profound relationship between divine communication and human perfection in Islamic theology.
🕵️‍♂️ Understanding LAʿNAH (لعنة‎): The Islamic Concept of Curse
Explore LAʿNAH, a deeply significant term in Islamic theology that refers to imprecation or curse, and its place in the Qurʾān. Delve into the etymology, cultural context, and religious implications.
🌟 Exploring AL-LĀT (اللات‎): The Idol of Ancient Arabia
Delve into the historical and theological significance of AL-LĀT (اللات‎), the idol worshipped by ancient Arabians. Discover its associations in the Qur'an, its place among the idols al-‘Uzzā and Manāt, and the ensuing theological discourse.
💔 Understanding Qatlu Nafsi-hi (قتل نفسه‎): The Islamic Stance on Suicide
Delve into the Islamic teachings concerning suicide, its prohibition in Hadith literature, and the societal responses in Muslim communities. Discover perspectives across history, cultures, and religious doctrines.
📜 Comparing Divorce in Islamic Law and Mosaic Law: Historical Context and Implications
This article delves into the intricate differences between the provisions for divorce in Islamic Law and Mosaic Law, exploring theological basis, historical interpretations, and cultural impacts.
📜 Tables of the Law: Understanding Alwāḥ (الواح‎) in Islamic Teachings
Dive into the concept of Alwāḥ (الواح‎), the Islamic counterpart to the Biblical Tables of the Law. Discover its origins, significance in the Qurʾān, and explore differences in interpretation within Islamic scholarship.
🔥 Understanding GHADHAB (غضب): The Concept of Anger in Islam
Dive deep into the concept of G&ḤḌḤAB in Islam, exploring its meaning, etymology, and representation in the Qurʾān. Understand the theological significance of divine wrath and human anger in Islamic teachings.
✨ MUʿJIZAH: The Divine Miracles in Islam ✨
Delve into the captivating concept of Muʿjizah, the divine miracles in Islam. Understand their significance, wisdom, and impact within various Islamic traditions, alongside the etymology, background, and cultural perspectives.
✨🕌 The Power of دعا (Du'a): Unraveling Islamic Incantations
Discover the mystical world of Du'a (Islamic incantations) used for spiritual exorcisms. Dive deep into the recitals, their meaning, and their significance in Islamic culture and tradition.
🌟 Understanding AL-ILHĀMU ʾR-RABBĀNĪ: The Divine Inspiration in Islam
Discover the profound concept of Al-Ilhāmu ʾr-Rabbānī (الالهام الربانى‎), divine inspiration in Islam. Delve into its etymology, theological significance, cultural impact, and more.
🏠 Understanding Inheritance (Farāʾiẓ) in Islam
Delve into the intricate Islamic laws of inheritance, known as Farāʾiẓ. Discover the cultural, theological, and legal underpinnings and appreciate the differences and similarities between Sunnī and Shīʿah approaches.
🏡 BAITU ʾL-ḤAMD: The House of Praise in Islam 🕌
Uncover the spiritual depth of 'Baitu ʾl-Ḥamd', a concept in Islamic tradition referring to the 'House of Praise' in Paradise. Discover its theological significance and the comfort it brings to those experiencing loss.
💬 TALQĪN: The Last Rites of Instruction in Islamic Burial Practices
Discover TALQĪN, the Islamic ritual of giving final instructions to the deceased at their grave. Understand its origins, significance in various cultures, and related eschatological beliefs.
📜 Understanding TAQLĪD (تقليد‎): Tradition vs Independent Reasoning in Islam
Dive into the multifaceted concept of Taqlīd, exploring traditions of following religious leaders, its significance in Islamic jurisprudence, cultural nuances, and intellectual discourse around independent reasoning.
🔍 Understanding YAUMU ʾT-TALĀQ (يوم التلاق‎): The 🕌 Day of Judgment in Islam
Dive into the profound concept of YAUMU ʾT-TALĀQ (يوم التلاق‎), the Day of Judgment in Islam. Understand its importance in Islamic theology and its place within the broader religious landscape.
🔥 Unveiling Ifrit: The Dichotomy of Rebellious and Helpful Spirits
Dive deep into the enigmatic world of Ifrit, the rebellious spirit in Islamic theology and folklore. Explore their dual nature, cultural representations, and intricate ties to human characteristics like shrewdness and resourcefulness.
🌊 MAʿMŪDĪYAH (معمودية‎): The Concept of Christian Baptism in Islamic Commentary
Dive deep into the term Ma'mūdīyah (معمودية‎), as referenced by Islamic commentator al-Baiẓāwī in relation to Christian baptism. Uncover its meaning, cultural significance, and theological context within both Islamic and Christian traditions.
🌌 Embracing the Mystique: Bilā Kayfa in Islamic Theology
Explore Bilā Kayfa, an essential concept in Islamic theology that underscores accepting divine mysteries without delving into 'how' explanations. Understand its significance in preserving the transcendence of God and the essence of tawhid.
🌟 AṢL (اصل‎): The Foundation of Islamic Thought 🕌
Dive deep into the concept of Aṣl (اصل‎), exploring its significance as a foundational principle in Islamic theology and philosophy. Understand its etymological roots, cultural differences, and related concepts to grasp its holistic essence.
💡 ILHĀM (الهام‎): The Divine Inspiration in Islam
Discover Ilhām (الهام‎), the Islamic concept of divine inspiration. Delve into its spiritual and theological significance, and explore its manifestation across various Islamic traditions.
💬 Unveiling Qadhf: The Grave Offense of Slander in Islam
Dive into the concept of Qadhf in Islam, exploring its serious implications of slander and false accusations. Understand its historical, theological, and social dimensions across different cultures.
💭 Dreams in Islam: Divine Messages and Human Desires
Explore the importance of dreams in Islamic tradition, their interpretations, and their profound role in shaping the lives of Muslims. Learn the difference between divinely inspired dreams (ruya) and desires-driven dreams (hulm), and their meanings in Islamic culture.
📚 Dive into AQIDAH: The Pillars of Islamic Faith
Explore Aqidah, the Islamic creed, encompassing beliefs in God, angels, prophets, scriptures, and the Day of Judgment. Delve into historical creeds and the differentiation between Shii and Sunni perspectives.
📚 Diving into ʿILM (علم‎): The Quest for Knowledge in Islam
Explore the concept of ʿIlm (علم‎) in Islamic theology, encapsulating different types of knowledge from elementary to spiritual wisdom, and understand the profound value it holds in the Muslim faith.
🔎 Understanding WAS̤ANĪ (وثنى‎): The Concept of Idolatry in Islam
Dive into the significance of 'Was̤anī' in Islamic theology, its etymology, historical context, and impact on cultural and religious practices. Understand its importance and compare it with similar concepts across different faiths.
✝️ Exploring Ṣalīb (صليب‎): The Cross in Islamic Context
Discover the term 'Ṣalīb' (صليب‎), its meaning, etymology, and significance. Unveil how the concept of the cross is perceived within Islam and contrast it with its representation in other faiths.
✝️ The Mission of Jesus in the Qurʾān: An Islamic Perspective
Explore the Islamic view on the mission of Jesus, son of Mary, as presented in various Surahs of the Qurʾān. Understand Jesus' significant role and his relationship to earlier prophets.
✨ Exploring ʿILMU ʾL-KALĀM: The Core of Islamic Scholastic Theology
Dive deep into ʿIlmu ʾl-Kalām (عـلـم الكلام), the Islamic discipline of scholastic theology. Understand its fundamental principles, historical context, and the pivotal scholars who shaped its development.
✨ QAULU ʾL-ḤAQQ (قول الحق‎): The Word of Truth in Islam
Explore the Islamic concept of 'QAULU ʾL-ḤAQQ,' a Qur'ānic title given to Jesus Christ. Delve into its meaning, etymology, cultural background, and relevance within Islamic theology.

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