Comparative Religion

📖 The Christian Clergy in the Qurʾān: A Study in Interfaith Relations
Discover how the Qurʾān references Christian clergy with comparative praise and explore the lack of a precise parallel to this in Islam with roles like Imām, Muftī, and Qāẓī filling similar functions. Learn about the cultural significance and historical development of these roles.
📖 Exploring the Qur'anic View of Jesus Christ 🕊️: Sonship, Divinity, and Sinlessness
A comprehensive analysis of the depiction of Jesus Christ in the Qur'an, addressing the concepts of divinity, sonship, and sinlessness. We will explore the relevant verses, interfaith dialogues, and theological perspectives.
🤝 Understanding Islamic Divorce: A Comparative Insight Between Shīʿah and Sunnī Laws
This article delves into the Islamic concepts of divorce, focusing on the differing particulars between Shīʿah and Sunnī schools of thought. Explore the requirements and customs that shape these essential aspects of Islamic jurisprudence.
📜 Unveiling Potiphar: The Egyptian Treasurer in Islamic and Biblical Narratives
Dive into the story and significance of Potiphar, known as Qit̤fīr (قطفير‎) or It̤fīr (اطفير‎) in Arabic, within both Islamic and Biblical texts. Explore his role in the life of Joseph, his wife Zulaik͟hah, and the cultural impacts across traditions.
🌸 The Immaculate Conception in Islamic and Christian Theology
Explore the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in both Islamic and Christian theology. Understand its significance, historical background, cultural differences, and theological implications.
📖 The Bible in Islam: Understanding Distinctions and Similarities
Examine how the Bible is perceived within Islamic tradition, its significance, variations, commonalities, and controversies. Delve into the critical viewpoints and dialogues between Christianity and Islam over centuries.
🏛️ Deciphering KANĪSAH (كنيسة‎): The 🕌 Islamic Perspective on Ecclesiastical Buildings
Explore the term Kanīsah (كنيسة‎) in Islamic context. This term encapsulates Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and even pagan temples. Learn how it is utilized within Islamic jurisprudence and compare it with other religious frameworks.
⚔️ The Tale of Jālūt (جالوت‎): Exploring the Epic Story of Goliath in Islamic Tradition
Dive deep into the Islamic and cross-cultural narratives surrounding Jālūt (جالوت‎), better known as Goliath. Understand the intertwining significance of his story in Islamic and Judeo-Christian texts, and the eternal moral lessons drawn from it.
📖 Exploring the New Testament: Arabic al-ʿAhdu ʾl-Jadīd (العهد الجديد‎)
Dive into the understanding of the New Testament, designated in Arabic as al-ʿAhdu ʾl-Jadīd (العهد الجديد‎). Investigate its depiction in Islamic scripture and the Qur'an's view of Christian texts.
📜 Exploring the Gospel: The Injīl (انجيل‎) in Islamic and Christian Contexts
Dive into the concept of the Gospel, also known as Injīl (انجيل‎) in Arabic, exploring its significance in both Islamic and Christian traditions. Understand its roots, meanings, and the fascinating cross-cultural perspectives.
🔄 Discovering TANĀSUK͟H (تناسخ): A Journey through Transmigration in Context
Explore the concept of Tanāsuk͟h (تناسخ‎) in Islamic law and beyond, delving into heir succession and the intriguing concept of metempsychosis. Understand its distinctions from Islamic beliefs and its presence in Hinduism and Buddhism for a richer perspective.
🕋 Understanding the Ten Commandments in Islam: Qur'ānic Perspectives and Interpretations
Explore the diverse interpretations of the Ten Commandments in Islam, as referenced in the Qur'an and Islamic tradition. Delve into the cultural differences, theological similarities, and the profound implications of these monitions in Islamic and Judeo-Christian contexts.
🤲 Understanding Jacob: The 🕌 Islamic & Judeo-Christian Patriarch
Discover the role of Jacob (Yaʿqūb) in Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions. Explore how a single figure bridges multiple faiths and is revered as a patriarch in both.
🌊 Unveiling Yūshaʿ (Joshua): The Silent Servant of the Qur'ān
Dive into the understated yet profound presence of Yūshaʿ (Joshua) in Islamic tradition, his etymological roots, cultural significance, and connections with other faiths. Compare and contrast his Biblical and Islamic identities, and understand why he remains a silent yet powerful figure in the Qur'ān.
🕊️ The Companions of the Cave (Aṣḥābu ʾl-kahf): A Quranic Tale of Faith
Discover the story of the Companions of the Cave (Aṣḥābu ʾl-kahf), also known as the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. Learn about their significance in Sūrah Al-Kahf (Chapter 18) of the Qur'an, and their place in Islamic tradition and comparative religious studies.
📜 John the Baptist: The Islamic Perspective on Yaḥyā (يحيى‎)
Delve into the story of John the Baptist—known as Yaḥyā (يحيى‎) in Islam—revealed in the Qur'an. Understand the divine announcement, his noble qualities, and significance within Islamic theology.
📜 Unveiling Taḥrīf: The Charge of Corruption in Scriptures 📚
Dive into Taḥrīf, the Islamic claim of scriptural corruption against Judaism and Christianity. Explore its meanings, implications, and theological debates throughout history.
🔥 Exploring AL-MAJŪS (المجوس‎): The Magians in Islamic Tradition
Delve into the concept of the Magians (AL-MAJŪS) as mentioned in the Qurʾān. Learn about their historical role, religious practices, and their transformation over time as per Islamic and Zoroastrian records.
🌟 Discovering ʿĪsā ʾl-Masīḥ: Jesus Christ in Islamic Tradition 🌙
This lexicon entry explores the multifaceted identity and significance of Jesus Christ, or ʿĪsā ʾl-Masīḥ (عيسى المسيح‎), in Islam. Engage with his various titles, miraculous birth, prophetic mission, miracles, and his revered status in both the Qurʾān and Islamic traditions.
🌟 The Birth of Jesus in Islam: Deep Dive into Sūrah Maryam (19:22-34)
Explore the Islamic narrative of the birth of Jesus (Isa) as portrayed in Sūrah Maryam. Understand its theological significance, cultural context, and comparisons with Christian traditions.
👑 Unveiling T̤ĀLŪT (طالوت‎): The 🕍 First King of Israel in Islam
Explore the narrative of T̤ĀLŪT (Saul) in Islamic tradition. Discover his role as the first king of Israel, his significance in the Qur'an, and the cultural crossroads in his story between Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.
📖 Discovering ʿUzair (عزير‎): The Islamic Perspective on Ezra
Delve into the life and significance of ʿUzair in Islamic tradition. Compare his portrayal with the Jewish figure Ezra, exploring the theological and cultural implications within different religions.
📚 Unveiling the Sources of the Qurʾān: Integrations and Inspirations in Muḥammadanism
Dive deep into the intricate sources and influences behind the Qurʾān, exploring its connections to Judaism, Christianity, and other religious traditions. Understand the cultural and theological integrations that shaped early Islamic thought.
🔥 Exploring Nimrod: Qurʾānic and Biblical Perspectives
Dive into the fascinating legacy of Nimrod through the lenses of both Islamic and Biblical traditions. Understand the stories about Nimrod, his dispute with Abraham, and the mythical interpretations that surround his figure.
🏛️ Unveiling BIʿAH (بيعة‎): The Church in Islamic Traditions
Discover the concept of BIʿAH (بيعة‎) in Islamic culture, primarily referring to a Christian church. Delve into its significance, relative etymology, background, and cultural nuances.
✝️ QISSĪS (قسيس‎): Understanding the Role of Christian Priests in Islam
Discover the term QISSĪS (قسيس‎), referring to Christian priests found within Islamic texts. Learn about its etymology, theological significance, and cultural context in Islam.
✝️ The Crucifixion of Jesus in the Qur'an: An In-Depth Exploration 📜
Dive into the Islamic perspective on the crucifixion of Jesus, analyzing verses from the Qur'an and comparing them to various sectarian beliefs. Understand how this pivotal event is interpreted differently across religions.
✨ The Disciples of Jesus in the Qurʾān: al-Ḥawārīyūn
Explore the Qur'ānic concept of al-Ḥawārīyūn (the Disciples of Jesus), delving into their etymology, significance, and representation in Islamic literature. Learn about their roles and attributes in the Qur'ān compared to other religious traditions.
🌙 Unveiling Islām: The Religion of Muḥammadans 🌟
Explore the Islamic faith, delving into the distinctions between Dīn, Millah, and Maẕhab, and their significance within the religion of Prophet Muḥammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم).
🌟 The Exaltation in Heaven: Diverse Views on Jesus in Islamic Theology
Dive into the theological nuances of where Jesus Christ (Isa in Islam) resides in the celestial hierarchy according to various Islamic scholars. Explore traditions and commentaries on Muhammad's night journey (Miʿrāj) and the stages of heaven.
🌟 Understanding Jesus, Son of Mary: An Islamic Perspective
Explore the Islamic view of Jesus, Son of Mary, including his role as a prophet, sign, Messiah, and his miraculous conception. Understand the theological differences between Islamic and Christian beliefs regarding Jesus.
🌿 Saint George: Bridging the Gap between 🏰 Western and 🌙 Islamic Traditions
Dive into the cross-cultural legacy of Saint George, known as Al-Khizr or Jirjis in Islam, exploring his significance in both Christian and Islamic traditions. Understand how a single figure intertwines across different narratives and symbolisms.
🍞 Discovering MANNA: The Divine Sustenance in Islam
Delve into the Islamic narrative of Manna (mann), its roles in scripture, and its cultural comparison and cultural importance. Learn about the unique symbolism and the theological implications within the Qu'ran.
🐋 Exploring Jonah (Yūnus): The Prophet of Patience and Perseverance
Dive into the story of Prophet Jonah (Yūnus) from Islamic and Biblical texts, discovering his significance in promoting patience and perseverance. Explore his journey from fleeing God's command to preaching repentance in Nineveh.
📖 Exploring Qit̤fīr (قطفير‎): The Egyptian Potiphar in Islamic Tradition
Delve into the figure of Qit̤fīr (قطفير‎), also known as Potiphar in Biblical narratives, and his appearance in Islamic texts and traditions. Examine the contributions of commentators like Al-Baiẓāwī and the cross-cultural roots of this historical figure.
📜 Discovering the NAZARENES 🍃 in Islamic Context
Delve into the concept of the Nazarenes (Nasara) as it appears in Islamic texts, its cultural and theological significance, and how it differs from and aligns with other religious viewpoints.
📜 The Tale of ʿImrān (عمران‎): Dual Etymologies and Roles in Islamic Narrative
Journey through the dual portrayals of ʿImrān in Islamic scripture—the father of Moses and Aaron, and the father of Mary, mother of Jesus. Explore cultural and theological implications, interpretations, and the fascinating linkages across prophetic lineages.
📜 Unveiling SHA‘YĀʾ (شعياء): The Islamic Prophet Known as Isaiah
Explore the significance of Sha‘yā’ (شعياء), known in Islam as a prophet and corresponding to the biblical Isaiah, his role in Islamic theology, origins, and the similarities he shares with other Abrahamic traditions.
📜 ZACHARIAS: The Prophet Zakarīyāʾ in Islam and Beyond
Delve into the life and significance of Prophet Zakarīyāʾ in Islamic theology. Understand the cultural importance, various interpretations, and cross-religious comparisons of this revered figure.
🔍 Exploring The Ten Plagues of Egypt: A Qurʾānic Perspective 🕌
An in-depth exploration of the ten plagues of Egypt as described in the Qurʾān. Analyze their significance, underlying messages, and the cultural differences and similarities between these accounts and other religious traditions.
🔍 Understanding the Concept of SANCTUARY in Islam: 🕌 Ethical Boundaries and Historical Comparisons
Explore the concept of sanctuary within Islam, delving into the ethical boundaries set by the Prophet Muhammad regarding executions within mosques. Uncover the origins, cultural differences, and historical connections to similar practices in other religious traditions.
🔍 Unveiling FĀRAQLĪT̤ (فارقليط‎): The 🕊️ Islamic Perspective on 'Paraclete'
Dive deep into the Islamic understanding of Fāraqlīt̤ (فارقليط‎), the term often associated with the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad in Islamic texts and its connection to the original term 'Paraclete' in Christian theology.
🔍 Who Was Balaam? 📜 Unveiling His Allusion in the Qurʾān
Discover the allusion to Balaam in the Qurʾān, delve into the contextual and cultural insights of this enigmatic figure as mentioned in Sūrah al-A'rāf, and explore his impact on Islamic and Biblical narratives.
🔥 Understanding Cremation: Perspectives in Islamic Culture and Beyond
Examine the practice of cremation and its standing in Islamic culture compared to other world religions. Dive deep into theological, ethical, and cultural perspectives on burning the dead.
🗻 Prophet Shuʿaib (Jethro): A Bridge Between Faiths
Explore the life and teachings of Prophet Shuʿaib (known as Jethro in the Christian and Jewish traditions), his significance in Islamic tradition, and his role as a spiritual bridge between various Abrahamic faiths.
🏅 Unveiling St. George: The Intriguing Tale of JIRJĪS (جرجيس‎)
Delve deep into the multifaceted story of Jirjīs (جرجيس‎), known as St. George in the Christian tradition and potentially a figure of Islamic theology. Understand the historical and cultural significance of this enigmatic character.
🏔️ The Majestic JABALU MŪSĀ (جبل موسى‎): Mount Sinai
Discover the significance of Jabal Musa, also known as the Mount of Moses or Mount Sinai, in Islamic tradition. Dive into its etymology, cultural relevance, and theological importance across different faiths.
🕊️ Discovering SABT (سبت‎): The 🕌 Islamic and Religious Significance of Sabbath
Explore SABT (سبت‎), known in Islam and other abrahamic faiths as the Sabbath, a day of rest and spiritual reflection. Understanding its origins, enactment, and theological significance in Islamic tradition.
🤔 Comparing Gideon and Saul: Unveiling Scriptural Narratives 📖
An investigative look into the apparent scriptural confusion between the stories of Gideon and Saul in the Qurʾānic and Biblical texts. Analyze the passages from both the Qurʾān and the Old Testament to understand the theological and historical significance.

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