Comparative Theology

📜 The Annunciation of the Virgin: Insights from Sūrah Al-Imran and Sūrah Maryam
Explore the profound narrative of The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in the Qur'an, examining verses from Sūrah Al-Imran and Sūrah Maryam. Delve into the theological, historical, and cultural significance of these texts in Islamic tradition.
🌟 Understanding al-Masih: The Islamic Perspective on Jesus Christ
Dive into the Islamic view of Jesus Christ (Isa, or al-Masih), exploring the theological significance, cultural context, and the similarities and differences with Christian beliefs.
🔄 Zoroastrianism and Islam: 🌍 Exploring Historical Interconnections
Delve into the relationship between Zoroastrianism and Islam. Understand their shared beliefs, differences, historical interactions, and the enduring legacy of Zoroastrianism in the Islamic world.
🤲 The Unfolding Story of AS-SAMIRI: A Lesson from the Qur'an and the Biblical Samaritan
Dive deep into the story of As-Samiri from the Qur'an and the notion of the Samaritan in the Bible. Uncover the theological significance, cultural differences, and common values shared between these characters and traditions.
👶 Exploring Primogeniture in Islamic and Mosaic Laws: Equal Inheritance vs. Double Portion
Dive into the contrasting approaches to the rights of the first-born in Islamic and Mosaic laws. Understand how the absence of primogeniture in Islamic legal tradition reflects broader theological and cultural values.
💫 The Concept of Trinity (تثليث) in Islam: Understanding and Reflections
Explore the intricate and often misunderstood concept of the Trinity (تثليث) as referenced in the Qur'an and Islamic texts. Delve into the historical, theological, and cultural contexts that shape this doctrine in both Islamic and Christian traditions.
📜 Exploring KANʿĀN (كنعان‎): The Historical and Theological Perspectives
KANʿĀN (كنعان‎) is a figure mentioned in various religious texts, including interpretations within Islamic theology. Learn about his historical and theological importance and his cross-religious connections.
📜 Ezekiel in Islamic Theology: 🕊 The Silent Prophet of Dry Bones
Discover the subtle mention and significance of Ezekiel, known in Arabic as Ḥizqīl, within Islamic tradition. Explore his story, theological interpretations, and connections to the Qur'anic text.
📜 Unveiling NEHEMIAH in Islamic Contexts: Echoes in Legends and Texts
NepweVe Nehemiah's potential connection to an intriguing Qur'anic story about resurrection, exploring cultural, historical, and theological intersections in Muslim and Biblical traditions.
🔍 The Paraclete (Faraqlit): Unveiling a 🔑 Concept in Islamic and Christian Theology
Dive into the multifaceted concept of 'Paraclete' (Faraqlit), comparing its meaning and significance in both Islamic and Christian traditions. Delve into historical contexts, cultural nuances, and theological underpinnings.
🤝 Understand Qurʾānic Guidance on FRIENDSHIP with Jews and Christians
Delve into the Qurʾān, Sūrah al-Mā’idah (5:56), its interpretation, and the broader context of interfaith relations in Islam. Explore theological, historical, and cultural perspectives.
📖 Understanding INJĪL (انجيل‎): The Gospel in Islamic Context
Explore the concept of Injīl (انجيل‎), the revelation given to Jesus, as understood within Islamic theology. Delve into its references in the Qurʾān, compare with Christian scriptures, and understand the historical and theological nuances.

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