Political History

馃彨 The Deobandi Movement: Preserving Islamic Teachings 馃摎
Unveil the Deobandi movement, an influential Islamic reformist group originating from the Dar al-Ulum in Deoband. Learn about their teachings, historical context, and global influence.
馃實 Abdul-Rahman al-Bazzaz: The Legacy of an Iraqi Nationalist 馃摐
Delve into the life and legacy of Abdul-Rahman al-Bazzaz, an influential Iraqi Arab nationalist politician known for his contributions to the law, education, and the international oil industry.
馃殌 Faraj, Muhammad Abd al-Salam: The Ideologue Behind Islamic Jihad in Egypt
Explore the life and ideology of Muhammad Abd al-Salam Faraj, the figure who inspired the armed revolt against the Egyptian government, drawing attention to the principles and history of Islamic Jihad.
馃彴 The Golden Era of C贸rdoba: Legacy of the Caliphate
Delve into the history of the Caliphate of C贸rdoba, established by Abd al-Rahman ibn Muawiyah, its cultural and scientific heights under Abd al-Rahman III, and its eventual disintegration in the eleventh century.
馃惈 The Battle of Camel: A Landmark Civil War in Early Islam 馃晫
Dive deep into the Battle of Camel, its causes, characters, and consequences. Learn how this pivotal conflict shaped early Islamic history, involving significant figures like Ali and Aishah.
鉁嶏笍 The Iconic Voice of Rebellion: Faiz Ahmad Faiz 馃専
Dive into the life and legacy of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, an iconic Urdu poet and political dissident. Explore his contributions to literature, his Marxist ideology, and his enduring influence on global cultures.
馃専 **Alawi, Mawlay Muhammad ibn al-Arabi al-**: A Beacon of Reform in Moroccan Nationalism
Delve into the profound influence of Alawi, Mawlay Muhammad ibn al-Arabi al-, a significant reformist, educator, and nationalist in Moroccan history. Discover his roots in the Salafi movement, opposition to Sufi practices aligned with colonialism, and his efforts to promote Arabic and Islamic education.
馃専 Burhanuddin Rabbani: A Comprehensive Exploration
Delve into the life and legacy of Burhanuddin Rabbani, former President of Afghanistan and prominent Islamic scholar. Explore his endeavors in unifying modern intellectuals with tribal and traditional elements to build a fundamentally focused society.
馃専 Nawwab Safawi: The 馃摐 Iranian Activist Shaping 20th Century History
Unveiling the life and impact of Nawwab Safawi, Sayyid Mujtaba Mir Luhi, founder of Fadayan-i Islam. Explore his involvement in political assassinations, contributions to Iranian religio-political landscape, and his ultimate execution.
馃専 Unveiling the Caliph: The Leadership Legacy in Islam
Dive into the profound concept of the Caliph (Khalifah) in Islam, its etymology, historical significance, and its pivotal role in the Muslim ummah. Discover similar and contrasting concepts across civilizations and theology.
馃憫 Unveiling the Qajar Dynasty: A Nex眉s of Iran's History
Traverse through the timelines of the Qajar Dynasty, from its origins as a Turkic tribal federation to its impactful modernization policies and eventual transition to the Pahlavi dynasty.
馃摎 Sadr, Muhammad Baqir al-: The Intellectual and Political Luminary of Shiite Thought
Dive into the life, contributions, and enduring legacy of Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, an eminent Iraqi Shii intellectual and political leader. Understand his significant contributions to Islamic philosophy, economics, and statecraft.
馃摐 The Afsharid Dynasty: Bridging Sectarian Divides in Islam
Explore the Afsharid Dynasty's historical influence in bridging Sunni and Shii sectarian divides under the rule of Nadir Shah Afshar, with a comprehensive view on its historical trajectory, cultural implications, and lasting impact on Islamic history.
馃攳 The Sultanate: Tracing Politics and Power in Islam
Explore the historical and contemporary significance of the Sultanate, a vital political and religious institution that influenced the dynamics of Muslim governance and unity.
馃 The Muslim United Front: A Pillar of Resistance in Kashmir's 1987 Elections
Dive into the history and significance of the Muslim United Front, an alliance of Islamic parties formed during the 1987 state elections in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Understand its impact and the subsequent armed resistance that unfolded.

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