Yusuf Al-Mansoor

⚖️ Demystifying Zulm: Understanding Injustice in Islamic Context
Explore the profound term 'Zulm,' a significant concept in Islam encapsulating injustice, oppression, and wrongdoing against God, others, or oneself. Delve into its etymology, historical implications, and its role in both jurisprudence and Shia-Sunni contexts.
📘 Ḥuzaifah ibn al-Yamān: The Eminent Companion
Discover the life and significance of Ḥuzaifah ibn al-Yamān, an eminent companion of Prophet Muhammad. Learn about his contributions, particularly in the recitation and compilation of the Qur'an, and explore his lasting legacy in Islamic history.
🌿 Discovering ʿADN (عدن‎): The Eternal Garden of Paradise
Unveiling the celestial nature of ʿADN (عدن‎), also known as Eden, as both the primordial Garden where humanity began and the eternal abode promised in the afterlife. Explore its theological significance and cultural significance across cultures and religions.
🌟 Unveiling FARḌ KIFĀʾĪ (فرض كفائى): The Collective Duty in Islam
Explore the concept of Farḍ Kifāʾī, a collective duty upon Muslims, where the fulfillment by one or a few absolves the community. Delve into its significance, interpretation, and practical applications in daily life.

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