Ibrahim Al-Khatib

🛡️ Unraveling Fasad/Mufsid fil-Ard: The Islamic Concept of Corruption on Earth 🌏
Delve into the Quranic and juristic interpretations of Fasad/Mufsid fil-Ard. Understand how corruption on earth is perceived, its diverse implications, and cultural perspectives within the Islamic World.
🗡️ The Courage and Leadership of Saʿd ibn Muʿādh (سعد بن معاذ‎)
An in-depth exploration of the life of Saʿd ibn Muʿādh, the chief of the Banū Aus, who played a pivotal role in early Islamic history. Understand his contributions, legacy, and the circumstances of his heroism.
🚨 Unveiling JARR (جر‎): The Islamic Practice of Chastisement
Delve into the concept of JARR (جر‎), a traditional practice of exposing offenders to public scorn under Muḥammadan law. Learn about its origins, applications, and significance in the framework of Islamic jurisprudence.
🕌 Unveiling the Asharī School: Bridging Rationality and Revelation in Islamic Thought
Explore the Asharī School, a Classical Sunni theological approach established by Abu al-Hasan al-Asharī, alignment between rationalism and revelation that shaped Islamic theology during the medieval period, and its historical controversies and legacy.

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