Interfaith Studies

📖 Discovering YŪḤANNĀ (يوحنا‎): The Interfaith Name of John
Dive into the name YŪḤANNĀ (يوحنا‎) with rich interfaith significance. Understand its applications in both Christianity and Islam and explore its cultural and theological dimensions.
📖 Understanding Ahl al-Kitab: The 🕊️ People of the Book in Islam
Explore the Quranic term Ahl al-Kitab, referring to Jews, Christians, and Sabaeans. Delve into its implications, historical context, and significance in promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation in a multicultural world.
🤝 Muslim-Christian Dialogue: A Pathway to Understanding 🌐
Explore the concept of Muslim-Christian Dialogue, its historical development, significance, and the impacts of interfaith exchanges between Muslims and Christians. Learn about the challenges and opportunities in fostering mutual respect and understanding.
📜 The Pentateuch (Taurat): Bridging Islam and Abrahamic Faiths
Explore the Pentateuch (Taurat), the sacred scripture shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Understand its significance, unique interpretations, and the cultural interplay between these Abrahamic faith traditions.
🏰 Exploring 'Kanisah': Places of Worship in Islam and Beyond
Dive into the term 'Kanisah', encompassing places of worship for Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims, and discover its linguistic, cultural, and historical dimensions.
📖 Maurice Bucaille: Bridging Science and Islam 🌟
Explore the life and work of Maurice Bucaille, the French surgeon and popular author known for "The Bible, the Qur'an, and Science". Understand his impact on the dialogue between science and religion from an Islamic perspective.
📜 The Islamic View of the Trinity: Exploring Qurʾānic References
Delve into the Islamic perspective on the Christian concept of the Trinity with an examination of Qurʾānic verses. Understand the historical context, interpretations, and theological distinctions that shape Muslim views on this doctrine.
🔔 Exploring NĀQŪS (ناقوس‎): The Historical Call to Worship
Delve into the rich history of NĀQŪS, an ancient Christian method of summoning believers to worship, and compare its transition to the Islamic practice of the Adhān (أَذَان).
🕵️‍♂️ Exploring the Enigmatic SARACEN: A Historic Term 📜
Delve into the term 'Saracen,' historically used by Christian writers to refer to followers of Muḥammad and its manifold implications, origins, and interpretations within both Christian and Islamic chronicles.
📜 Understanding JĀS̤ULĪQ: The Role of the Catholicos in Islamic Perspective
Explore the term JĀS̤ULĪQ (جاثليق), an Arabicized version of the Greek Καθολικὸς, referring to the Catholicos or Primate of the Christians. Understand its significance, historical context, and place within Islamic texts.

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