Biblical Studies

📖 Exploring the New Testament: Arabic al-ʿAhdu ʾl-Jadīd (العهد الجديد‎)
Dive into the understanding of the New Testament, designated in Arabic as al-ʿAhdu ʾl-Jadīd (العهد الجديد‎). Investigate its depiction in Islamic scripture and the Qur'an's view of Christian texts.
📝 Comprehensive Glossary: Exploring Ezekiel (Hizqil) in Islamic and Biblical Contexts
Dive deep into the intriguing parallels between Ezekiel in the Bible and Hizqil in the Quran. Understand the etymology, historical context, and cultural significance of this prophet in both Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.
🔍 Discovering SAM (سام‎): A Son of Noah in Islamic and Biblical Traditions
Unveiling the story of Sam (سام‎), also known as Shem, a son of Prophet Noah, whose legacy endures through Islamic and biblical texts. Learn about his significant role in prophetic lineage and cultural heritage.
🔍 Exploring ṢAFŪRĀʾ (صفوراء‎): The Wife of Moses 🕌
Dive into the life of Ṣafūrāʾ (صفوراء‎), the wife of Prophet Moses and the daughter of Shuʿaib, exploring her significant role within Islamic tradition and her comparison with her Biblical counterpart.
💎 Unraveling the Story of Korah: A Tale of Wealth and Rebellion
Discover the multifaceted story of Korah (Qārūn قارون‎ / קֹרַח‎), a biblical and Qur'ānic figure, notorious for his rebellion against Moses. Learn about his extravagant wealth, rebellion, and ultimate downfall as presented in various religious texts.
👳 Understanding REUBEN: Jacob’s First-Born Son in Islamic and Biblical Texts
Explore the story of Reuben (Heb. ‏רְאוּבֵן‎ Reubain), Jacob's first-born son, and his portrayal in the Qurʾān and the Bible. Understand the cultural and theological implications of his role.
🔥 GOMORRAH: The Overturned City in Islamic and Biblical Tradition 🌆
Dive into the story of Gomorrah, addressing its mentions in Islamic and Biblical scriptures. Discover its significance and underlying morality themes while comparing cultural interpretations.
📜 Exploring the Ark of the Covenant: A Sacred Chest Across Abrahamic Faiths
Discover the profound significance of the Ark of the Covenant (تابوت), a revered object within Judaic, Christian, and Islamic traditions. Unravel its mysteries, symbolic meanings, and theological narratives across diverse scriptures.
👑 Understanding Saul (Talut): The First King Anointed by Samuel
Delve into the life of Saul (Talut), the first king anointed by the prophet Samuel, his military exploits, and his lasting significance in Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.

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