⚔️ Exploring Timar: The Ottoman Land Grant System
Delve into the Timar system of the Ottoman Empire, a land-grant framework awarding free cavalrymen the right to collect taxes in exchange for military service. Learn about its origins, transformation, and historical significance.
🌱 Bunyad: The Bedrock of Iranian Society Post-Revolution 🕌
An in-depth look into Bunyad, the Persian term for grassroots organizations that have significantly shaped Iran post-1979 revolution. Uncover their roles in social services, trade, manufacturing, and more.
💰 Understanding Taxation in Islam: Zakah, Jizyah, and Kharaj Demystified
Dive into the complex yet spiritually significant layering of Islamic taxation. Explore zakah, jizyah, and kharaj and their roles in religious, social, and economic fabrics of Muslim societies.
💱 Understanding DAIN (دين‎): The Concept of Debt in Islam
Explore the term DAIN (دين‎) in Islam, referring to debt with a specific repayment term. Understand its significance in Islamic jurisprudence compared to qarẓ (loan without a fixed term).
💱 Understanding Kharāj (خراج‎): The Land Tax in Islamic History
Explore the historical and contemporary significance of Kharāj, an Islamic land tax. Learn how this concept connects to socio-economic policies of various Islamic states and its influence on modern fiscal systems.
🛍️ Understanding BIẒĀʿAH (بضاعة‎): The Concept of Trust in Islamic Trade
Delve into the concept of Biẓāʿah in Islamic commerce, understanding its roots, cultural importance, and distinctive features that make it an essential part of mercantile practices among Muslims.

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