Abrahamic Faiths

馃尯 Understanding SAFURA示 (ZIPPORAH): The Pious Wife of Prophet Musa (Moses)
Dive into the life and significance of Safura示 (Biblical Zipporah), the devoted wife of Prophet Musa (Moses). Explore her unique role in Islamic and Abrahamic traditions and uncover the lessons within her story.
馃摐 The Pentateuch (Taurat): Bridging Islam and Abrahamic Faiths
Explore the Pentateuch (Taurat), the sacred scripture shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Understand its significance, unique interpretations, and the cultural interplay between these Abrahamic faith traditions.
馃専 Sarah (爻丕乇丞鈥): The Blessed Matriarch in Abrahamic Faiths
Discover the profound significance of Sarah (S膩rah, 爻丕乇丞鈥) in Islamic tradition. Though not explicitly named in the Qur示膩n, her presence and legacy are indelibly linked to key prophetic narratives.
馃挮 Ishmael: The Patriarch of the Arab Nation 馃毝鈥嶁檪锔
Delve into the story of Ishmael (Ismail), his profound faith, and his enduring legacy in Islam as the patriarch who helped build the Kaaba. Explore how his tale bridges the key Abrahamic faiths and influences Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions.
馃摐 Understanding 岷攊mm墨s: Wills and Bequests in Islamic Law for Jews and Christians
Explore the intriguing concept of 岷攊mm墨s, non-Muslim citizens under Islamic governance, and the complexities surrounding wills and bequests for Jews and Christians. Learn about Islamic legal principles that govern these matters.
馃椈 Prophet Shu士aib (Jethro): A Bridge Between Faiths
Explore the life and teachings of Prophet Shu士aib (known as Jethro in the Christian and Jewish traditions), his significance in Islamic tradition, and his role as a spiritual bridge between various Abrahamic faiths.
馃専 岣n墨f (丨賳賷賮鈥): The Truly Monotheistic Path
Dive deep into the concept of 岣n墨f, highlighting its significance, etymology, and cultural impact within Islam and its reflections in the religion of Abraham and beyond.

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